Back Home in Fanny Bay for Now

The bushwhack to Long Lake proved more challenging that I anticipated and I wasn’t prepared enough for it. I made it 1/3 of the way across but the terrain was getting too step and dangerous, and I was making a wrong turn which made it even worse. My lower body was not properly trained for this, having sat in a kayak for over a month previously. For safety’s sake I decided to turn back. I was faced with the question of what to do next, and kayaking around Cape Caution was not something I was willing to attempt. I could head back to Telegraph Cove but I already paddled up from there. The third option was to cross over Queen Charlotte Strait to Port Hardy, which I did two days ago. From Port Hardy I could have arranged some transportation around Cape Caution to continue my journey, but north of there, the weather starts to turn for the worse in late August, giving me only a couple weeks of paddling time. It seems like a lot of effort for not much paddling so I decided to call it quits for this season and continue on next year, better prepared and wiser, after all the experience gained this year. I am happy with what I did this year! I have lots of photos, commentary, and videos to sort through and add so in the next week or two I should have lots of interesting things to add here.

I just checked Bryan and Maggie’s Spot locator map and they are now just beyond Klemtu, going along Princess Royal Island. The weather must be turning for the worse for them. I hope they make it to Ketchikan in time. Interestingly, I got home yesterday on the buys, and last night it poured rain! I timed that well.

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  1. Hi I found this forum on Google. Just wanted to introduce myself and commend the admin’s for a community superbly done!

    Looking forward to participating here,
    Rebecca 🙂

    August 8, 2010 at 9:44 am

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