The name’s Mark… Mark BC

My initials are Mark BC. I also live in BC. And I’m going down to BC, Mexico (Baja California) again. I’m going to try Salsipuedes again. No, I’m going to succeed this time! I am much better prepared and most importantly, I am entering from an easier approach with few if any rocky sections to turn me back. I’m excited to get down again. I think some of the areas I’ll be going have never been explored before since the natives lived there a hundred odd years ago. As usual, I’ll try to update my Spot in the evenings, but it may not work sometimes if I am in a deep canyon. The link is to the right. And here is the Baja Nomad Forum post where I talk about it in more detail.

2 responses


    Afternoon Mark
    Thank you for sharing your amazing efforts and thoughts
    Totally impressive, love your energy, nonstop
    Your living the dream


    March 1, 2015 at 11:27 pm

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