Year Two Starts

In about 12 hours I should be on the water taxi across Queen Charlotte Strait to Bramham Island where I will pick up from where I left off last year. I only have 3 weeks this year, which I should be thankful for given all the work going on right now in the engineering biz with commodity prices up (I wonder why that is….)

I plan to go back up Belize Inlet and cross over to Wyclese Lagoon via the logging road, thereby avoiding that strenuous bushwhack which ended my trip last year. Then I’d like to go up to Long Lake if possible. One way or another I’ll end up in Smith Inlet where I hope to see grizzly bears, and after that I’ll kayak out Smith Inlet and around to one of the floating stores in Rivers Inlet where I hope to catch a boat back to Port Hardy so I can return to work as scheduled.

I have better video cameras this year, more of the little GoPro HD cameras. I also have proper underwater housings for them which means the underwater footage will be in focus. I also have a new, better looking PFD.

My Spot GPS locator website is the same as last time so you can follow along and get excited if I forget to press the button.

My Location

One response

  1. Jen

    Awesome Mark, I am looking forward to seeing more of your images! Wish I was out there this year… I need to get out of the city.

    July 9, 2011 at 8:05 pm

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