Doomer Economic Commentary

I have decided to collect all my doomer writings into one folder on my blog rather than having them staring you in the face on the header. I don’t mean to come across as a negative person since I generally have a positive outlook and there’s lots more to me than doom and gloom. But I am realistic and I can’t look away from the festering disaster that is our economies, and will soon be our societies, and pretend that everything’s A-OK. The message needs to be spread. Here are all my previous doomer essays for you to peruse. I also periodically update them as I learn more things and feel a need to improve them.

How Much More Food Must the World Produce?

World Energy Use and Ecological Productivity — an Order of Magnitude Perspective

Can Solar Powered Desalination Save the World?

Don’t Expect Miracles from Fossil Fuels (or Technology)

Is the US Government Really Spending its Way To Oblivion?

Thermodynamics for Economists

Electric Cars (I wrote this one when I was more optimistic about our future. I retract most of any hope I presented in this essay and I’ll update it sometime to reflect this; however, electric cars remain an interesting technology and I now see Tesla Model S’s every couple of days in Vancouver, so they are catching on fast).

Heat Pumps

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